Top 10 Smug Anime Girl

Yuiko Enomoto Yuiko Enomoto nickname Eno is a wealthy woman with thick eyebrows who is the student council vice-president. Previously, the Student Council President, she resigns because of Natsuo Maki not relying upon her, but she’s later reinstated as vice-president. Yuiko could be childish who’s fast to be trapped from the circumstance and simple to … Read more

Top 10 Cute Anime Girl OR Kawaii Anime Girl New List 2020

Cute anime girls or in Japanese, Kawaii anime girls, however you like to say, but these two terms reflect the same topic. We have made this list of top 10 Cute Anime Girls which are prominent for their cuteness and pretty look in some anime and manga series. Let us know in comments, whose cuteness … Read more

Top 10 Sexy Anime Girl or Hot Anime Girl

The animation industry brings a  lot of girls which are very hot and look very sexy. However, these characters are not realistic, there are few sexy anime girls whose beauty really attracts us. The list of hot anime girls that I made, is according to my preferences. According to you, this list of sexiest anime … Read more